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Rent Bevalbad

Are you convinced and are you considering a water birth for the birth of your baby? View here for the  options for renting a birthing pool. Do you want to know more about water birth? Then read one of our other advice pages:

Analgesic effect


Many healthcare professionals see childbirth in water as a natural form of pain relief. The warm water relaxes your body and produces endorphins. Endorphins have a pain-relieving effect, which makes it easier to cope with contractions. This reduces the need for, for example, laughing gas or an epidural.

Move more easily


You are weightless in water, which makes it easier to move. This makes it a lot easier to assume certain positions during a water birth than when giving birth in bed. Adopting other positions promotes labor.

Less chance of tear or cut


Many women are afraid of a tear or cut. An advantage of a water birth is that the delivery is usually more gradual. This will stretch your perineum more slowly. In addition, the perineum is more flexible due to the warm water. For example, the chance of tearing or cutting is much smaller when giving birth in the bath.

Calm start at birth


In a water birth, the baby is born in the water. This ensures a smoother transition for the baby from the womb. Babies born with a water birth are called water babies. In general, water babies are quite calm when they are born and there is little or no crying.

Also nice for the partner


The partner has an active role in a birth in the bath. This allows the partner to set up the bath and fill it with water. In addition, the partner can monitor the water temperature during the entire delivery. Many partners feel (even) more useful as a result.

Meer Weten?

rent a birth bath

Includes comprehensive package Always includes comprehensive delivery package for a safe and hygienic bath birth.

Home delivery and collection We deliver the delivery package in your 36th week and collect the delivery bath from you after delivery.

Unique Delivery Guarantee If you do not use the delivery bath, you will receive 75 euros in return


When you rent a birthing pool through HypnoBirthing Zeeland, you benefit from the following benefits:

Delivered at home and picked up again

When you rent a birthing pool via, it will be delivered to your home in the 36th week of pregnancy. You only need to indicate the due date with the rental request and we will then schedule the delivery for you. 

The delivery bath will remain at your home until you have given birth (usually a maximum of up to the 42nd week). An extra day is never a problem with us. After the delivery, we also ensure that the bath is collected from you again.

Including extensive delivery package

The delivery bath is always delivered including an extensive delivery package. This package contains everything you need for a hygienic delivery in water. And everything in this delivery package is new, so you don't have to worry about hygiene.  

Delivery guarantee

If you have the birthing bath at home, but you ultimately do not use the bath, you can still get a refund of € 75 if you return an unopened and unused birthing package. We will pick up the bath from you again. 

If you cancel the bath before it has been sent, you will receive a full refund. No reason and/or proof of medical indication is required for this.  

Safety and hygiene

The delivery pool is always set up, cleaned, fully disinfected and checked after use. The delivery package only consists of new and unused items. So you don't have to worry about safety and hygiene.



 for a safe and hygienic bath delivery.

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Professional Birth Pool in a Box for 2 persons, specially designed for reuse



The bath is completely disinfected before shipment and checked on several points. This way you are always assured of a high-quality, clean and hygienic bath

The 2-person Bevalbad PRO from Birth Pool in a Box is specially designed for reuse. The bath is completely disinfected before shipment and checked on several points. This way you are always assured of a high-quality, clean and hygienic bath. The delivery bath is delivered at home including delivery package:

  • Electric inflation pump

  • New hygienic inner cover

  • New submersible pump to pump the water out of the bath after use (1500l/h, empties the bath in about 30 minutes!)

  • New landing net

  • New floor protector – luxury with non-slip layer for safety,

  • New extra anti-slip mat small

  • New thermometer with ideal temperature

  • New 10-meter non-toxic water hose (so fill, empty and then throw away – most  hygienic  method)

  • Multiple universal faucet connectors (fits 99 out of 100 faucets). Click  here  for an overview of the couplings (including Quooker coupling)

  • Set of gynecological gloves long

  • Clear manual​


he price includes delivery to your home and collection of the bath after the birth. The bath and the electric inflation pump are returned. You throw the other products away after use for hygiene reasons or you keep and clean them for your own use.  You will receive the bath in week 36 of your pregnancy. The rental period is up to and including week 42. Upon completion 


Birth Pool in a Box Pro Birth Pool (2 pers)

Professional delivery bath

Possibly room for partner

Sense of freedom of movement

650 liters of water

No maximum height

Longer stature, more space


Exterior dimensions: 193 x 165 x 76cm

185,- EURO

Are you taking a course at HypnoBirthing Zeeland?

You will receive a
50,- Euro Combination discount


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