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The HypnoBirthing method

The power of this method lies in creating optimal conditions for a soft and calm birth. We train this by minimizing the myths and fearful expectations that currently surround a birth and the birth process.

What is HypnoBirthing?

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing® is a relaxed and stress-free method based on the fact that all babies should be born in a gentle, calm and loving way.


The emphasis is on pregnancy and birth, as well as prenatal parenting and awareness of the unborn baby. It is a simple and straight forward program that has been carefully thought out over the years to help mothers remember the simplicity of birth.


Just as most birthing women do not need interventions/procedures to bring their baby into the world safely and healthy, they do not need difficult exercises to prepare themselves for a calm, peaceful and comfortable birth. The (birth) body and the baby know exactly what to do. HypnoBirthing® teaches pregnant women to trust the natural way of giving birth, to relax and let their bodies do what they are meant to do. By practicing a few key techniques, thoughts are programmed and the body prepared for an easy birth. When it comes to programming and conditioning, too much variety is not always good. Repetition gives the best results.


HypnoBirthing® is not only a technique but also a philosophy. This philosophy is based in part on the book Childbirth without Fear by Dr. Grantly Dick Read. HypnoBirthing® teaches you that if fear and tension and medical complications are not part of the birth process, excruciating pain need not be part of the birth.


"We believe that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural instincts to bring about the best possible birthing for herself and her baby "


Marie F. Mongan


Certified HypnoBirthing® educators successfully teach women and their birth partner to trust the birth process and release fears and limiting thoughts. HypnoBirthing® educators can be found in 40 countries around the world.

What is HypnoBirthing

Advantages HypnoBirthing®

The following benefits of HypnoBirthing® have proven to be true for many years now:


  • It breaks through the Fear, Tension Pain Syndrome before, during and after birth.

  • It reduces, and in many cases eliminates, the need for chemical anesthesia, episiotomy and other procedures.

  • It reduces the risk of exhaustion during the birth process. The mother remains fresh and energetic while delivering her child.

  • It shortens the thinning and opening phase of the uterus by several hours and allows the mother to follow her body's natural impulses and breathe her baby down until the head is visible instead of having to do prolonged and exhausting pushing.

  • It reduces the risk of damage to the pelvic floor.

  • It creates bonding between mother, baby and birth partner before, during and after the wonderful experience of birth.

  • The birth partner is part of the birth and not just a spectator.

  • The special breathing virtually eliminates postpartum discomfort and "baby blues.

  • Babies adapt easily and are happy, resulting in better eating and sleeping habits.

  • The mother is less likely to experience hyperventilation due to shallow breathing.

  • Birth becomes the safe, beautiful and peaceful experience again, as nature intended.

Advantages HypnoBirthing
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