Zwangerschapscursus HypnoBirthing Zeeland
Realistic information, a positive attitude and practical skills

Experience birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear that prevents the muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.

Yoga at Home

The HypnoBirthing Course

The HypnoBirthing Course -

What's Included?

Four classes of 2,5 hours each, 1x per week


  1. The original HypnoBirthing® book by Marie Mongan (Dutch or English)

  2. Rainbow Relaxation MP3 (Dutch or English)

  3. Course materials / Handouts (English or Dutch)

  4. Counseling during, before and after the course


The course can be offered in four different formats:


  • Group course

  • Private courses

  • Refurbishment Course

  • Newborn course


HypnoBirthing pregnancy course in Dutch, English and Afrikaans!


Building positive expectations with the HypnoBirthing philosophy.


The History of Women and Childbirth
Why and how you can have an easier, more comfortable and safer delivery

How nature designed a woman's body perfectly to give birth

How to help your natural birth instincts, rather than resist them

The vocabulary for a calm and gentle delivery.

Visualize gentle births by watching beautiful birth videos


preparation of body and mind

Fast and immediate self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques

Breathing techniques for labor and birth

Hypnotic relaxation and visualization

Choosing the right healthcare provider

The role of the birth partner in childbirth

Preparing your body for childbirth with massage

Your Newborn Baby's Remarkable Mind - Prenatal Suturing Techniques


Get ready to welcome your baby

Preparing Birth Plan / Birth Preferences

Preparing the body for birth

Light Touch Birth Massage

Your body works for and with you

Avoiding artificial induction and achieving a natural start to labor

Letting go of negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts.

Overview and summary of the birth

Initiation of the birth process - Dilution and opening phase

Birth simply explained

At home, in the hospital or birth center

Prepare for home birth - or the baby's birth choice

As the birth process progresses

If the birth process stops or slows down

Birth positions


Birth - loving breathing - giving life

The last run-up

Positions for initiation and birth

The perfect design for the birth

The birth phase, the induction and

birth breathing

The first breastfeeding

Baby's first hours

The fourth trimester

Hand van de baby

group lessons
From 345,-

With a maximum of 5 couples, minimum 2 couples.


Small scale meaning that you have the time and space to make sure that the tools and instructions work properly for you as an individual.


You'll hear from other expectant parents, discover many of the same concerns, and find opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other


You will meet like-minded parents from the surrounding area.


Additional materials and exercises, including: various hipnose scripts, an extensive worksheet for birth preferences and handouts


Post-course support

Hand stapel van Happy Group
Private lessons
From 595 ,- For  €545,-

To fit in with your course, I can come to your home in the morning or afternoon.


You start immediately you eie huis (where you 'n large part / the whole birth wants doorbringing) associate with relaxation and general peace.


Ideal if you have less time or if the dates and times of the group course do not fit in with your school.


Additional material and exercises such as: various hipnose scripts, an extensive worksheet for birth preferences and handouts.


The course is fully adapted for your needs


counselling after the course


For travel costs I charge 0,39 cent per kilometer outside Walcheren.

Couple Holding Hands
Paarse bloesem
Refresher Course

Two private meetings of 2.5 hours.


 Content can be selected individually.

For more info, please contact me via the contact page!

Online group lessons

With a maximum of 5 couples. Continues with a minimum of 2 couples.

Small scale means you have the time and space to make sure the tools and techniques really work for you as individuals

You hear from other parents-to-be, discover that you share many of the same concerns, and find opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other

You meet like-minded parents-to-be from the neighborhood

Additional material and exercises, including: various hypnosis scripts, an extensive birth preference worksheet, and handouts

guidance after the course